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Training & Clinics

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Join Shannon Mincey and other outstanding Club Unite coaches in a Train 4 Tryout Prep Clinic geared specifically to help players hone in on their volleyball skills just in time for school tryouts. "I want the gym to be energetic and loud!" adds Coach Mincey. " We desire players to feel confident in their abilities as they try out for the school team. Much of our training during club season is geared toward team and positional oriented training. These prep clinics will be just what the player needs for individual attention on ALL-SKILLS. During a school tryout, players are asked to perform a variety of skills that may or may not be within the position they have been playing. The best team member (in my opinion) is one who will agree to play what is best and most needed for the team. Once the positional role is defined the player can dive into specific skills training for that position however prior to team and role assignments the player doesn't know what the middle school or high school coach will need making it important to brush up on all-skills. We look forward to seeing you during these 6 fun skill filled nights."

Players may pay a one time fee of $60.00 cash only. Receipts will be provided to each player.