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Summer Scholastic Training

Club Unite Summer Camp Open to All

Players may pay $20.00 per clinic if they can not register for the entire program. Players who choose to pay $20.00 per clinic should arrive in time to pay the clinician and sign our Club Unite waiver. There is no need to pre-register for walk-up. Each clinic will take place on the date/time listed. Summer Scholastic is open to all players!


Summer doesn't afford many athletes the time to attend a week long camp and thus many miss out on the much needed training skills which camps provide. Scholastic Training offers a variety of training options for athletes to take advantage of at the Club Unite Volleyball facility being trained by outstanding knowledgable camp clinicians.

Club Unite offers the space needed to spread players out based on their level / skill without any athlete feeling behind or ahead. "Having a 7 court facility affords us a lot of space to limit players standing around waiting on net/court time. We can spread players out and we have so much wall space to train on which allows players so many more touches during classes." adds Coach Mincey

Summer Scholastic Training is a win - win situation for all players who join in. Consistency of learning throughout a 6 week course is invaluable! 

"For the price offered plus the variety of training positions offered you can't go wrong joining into the Club Unite Summer Scholastic Training Program" adds Coach Mincey "Players can pick and choose which class suites their needs based on the class description and time offered. Repetitive training over a 6 week course is valuable not to mention the D1 Training and Open Gym add-on option.  Athletes can train with D1 every or any Mon, Wed, Fri morning they choose as a commitment to growth in their physique. Open Gym provides the athlete an opportunity to come in on their own and work on some things or grab some friends and build in a doubles or tripes match which most players can't do in their own backyard." 

Click on the PDF to Read the Detailed List of Clinics

Summer Strength, Agility and Performance Training

D1 and Club Unite have partnered for Athlete Peak Performance Training. D1 serves as Club Unite's strength and conditioning coach for all Club Unite players. Players who join into Scholastic Summer Training with the D1 package will enjoy a consistent workout program throughout the summer. D1 training will take place at the D1 facility on Hardin Valley Road. Players should arrive 5 minutes early to assure they are with the group and on time. 

D1 Monday-Wednesday-Friday 9am-10am 6 weeks

Open Gym

Each Thursday evening, Club Unite's doors will be open to all Scholastic Summer Training Athletes who purchased the a Scholastic Package option. Players may work on their own court with a bucket of balls or they may join in with friends to play pick-up. 

Open Gym Thursday 5pm-8pm 6 weeks

Online Registration is Live


Our 95$ D1 / Open Gym option is not yet live. Please email if this is your option you desire. The registration link should show that soon. 


Online Payment Option Provided or Pay Via Check Mailed to: Club Unite Volleyball PO Box 7413 Knoxville, TN 37921