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Unite Rings in the New Year with New Uniforms

By Shannon Mincey, 01/06/17, 10:30AM EST


Handing out New Uniforms

Club Unite rang in the New Year handing out jerseys. (featured in our picture is one of our 17's teams enjoying a moment after practice to display the jerseys) "It is exciting to see uniforms handed out to our Travel Players knowing the amount of work that has taken place to initiate Club Unite." Getting an organization such as this off the ground has taken an enormous amount of work and so many people have chipped in to assist in the endeavor. There has been quite a bit of behind the scenes work which has had to take place to sail the ship. Many people are diligently working to assure its excellence. I am so appreciative of the support for Unite. The players, parents, and extended families have been very gracious to our new beginning." Shannon Mincey

The Club Unite logo features 2 rings around the U which symbolizes Unite's commitment to providing athletes a trusting environment in which they can grow. "We have shared with our athletes the symbolism in a circle not having any breaks in it as well when you are inside the circle  you feel taken care of. We know there will be snafus and miscommunications we have to work through. All teams experience that, however my goal is to handle those graciously teaching players to handle bumps in the road with poise while problem solving to move forward." Shannon Mincey

The jerseys duplicate the 2 lines in their numbers. We have a bit of fun by saying U in 2 as always teams want to strive to win in 2 sets and not push a 3rd set. 

"We want to teach our athletes many attributes which we know will carry with them after their playing experience. Eye contact, communication, respect, and responsibility are just a few that not only help them on the volleyball court but train them to look the part of a well oiled trained athlete when they venture onto their middle school, high school, or college teams." 

Club Unite is currently training 31 teams and Club Unites first ever travel teams will represent on the court this weekend in Spartanburg, SC.