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Kasey Morse - Area Director

Meet Kasey Morse

Lakeway Fee Structure

Item Due Date Costs
Tryout Fee 10/24/19 $50
Roster Fee 11/4/19 $100
Commitment Fee 11/7/19 $350
January Dues 1/16/20 $125
February Dues 2/20/20 $125
March Dues 3/26/20 $125
Lakeway Total Due $875
Coach Hotel Fees Per Event / players

Practice Schedule

Club Unite will be practicing Sunday afternoons and Wednesday evenings. 

Lakeway Costs

$875 per player (see additional costs below)

5 - two-day tournaments

1-three-day tournament

1-one day tournament

  • Practices will be held on Wednesdays and Sundays
  • The season will run through April 5th

Additional Costs:

  • Parents will pay for the coach hotel. Ideally one parent from each team will find a hotel that is suitable for the team. The coach will make their own reservation and the parents will divide the costs per player and pay the coach back (or the parent) however they wish to work it out. Example if the hotel is $125 for a Saturday night only then a group of 10 players would pay the coach $12.50
  • Gear is not included in the above costs. Gear will be purchased as needed a la carte and will be offered during sizing night. Parents will be asked to pay for gear the night they order so we can pay our Nike rep.