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Summer Beach Season

Our beach volleyball program is designed for junior players that want to compete in 2 vs 2 beach competition. Practices include conditioning drills, fundamentals, scrimmage drills / competition.  
Players will  practice with like age/skill on one of the three courts. 

Coach Erika Waycaster will be the director for the 2024 Club Unite beach season.  Erika will lead most practice days along with her coaching staff.  

Practices are tentatively scheduled to be held at Bob Leonard Mayor Park on Watt Rd.  We do reserve the right to move or relocate a practice if we find it necessary. 


Do I need to find my own partner?
You do not need a partner to play or participate.  Practice will be in small groups. The director will do her best to match you with a partner she sees fit for tournaments. You may request a preferred partner if you choose, however the director may recommend or pair you with another partner which she sees fit for success.

Do I have to go to all of the tournaments on the schedule?
No, All tournaments are optional. You can pick and choose which events you would like to participate in.  All tournaments this year will be at Bob Mayor Leaonard Park and will be a CU event. The cost of the tournament is not included in your fee.  You will register yourself and partner for the events you choose and pay at the time of registration.

What equipment do we need to bring to practice each day?
You will need a towel, sunglasses, sunscreen and water.

When is payment due? 
After you register, you will be billed for a non refundable deposit in the amount of $25. Once this is paid, your roster spot will be secured for the season you select. This deposit will credit towards the overall fees.  The first practice date, 50% is due. 2 weeks later the remaining deposit is due.  You may pay with card via an invoice through email or cash. 

What are the additional costs?
Any memberships needed to participate in tournaments. Some indoor memberships carry over to the outdoor season.
Tournament Entry fees are additional (these are $40-$50 per player per event).  This only applies if you choose to participate in any tournaments outside of the tournament dates listed outside of the program. 

What do the players wear?
Juniors beach players may wear spandex, sport shorts, tank tops, tshirts,  swim suit tops and bottoms may NOT be worn for practices or tournaments.
You may not wear other club apparel to Club Unite practices / events. 

Do you have practice if it’s raining? 
Yes! Since our players pay for the entire season and the season is so short, we don’t want to miss any practices. We have found that we can still be productive, even if it is raining.  It was actually kind of fun. It will rain at tournaments, we will not practice if lightning occurs. 

Which age division do I play?
The beach junior age divisions are broken into even ages:
13's play 14U, 15's play 16U etc.
Your USAV age is the age you will be on July 1, 2023.

Which volleyball membership will I need?
You will not need any additional memberships if participating in the CU tournaments.

Most tournaments require a membership to play. Most of the memberships are minimal and are valid for one calendar year. Any USAV National Beach Tour, USAV ranked, or SRVA tournaments will require a USAV membership to participate. Any AAU tournaments will require an AAU membership to participate. And AVP will require an AVP membership to participate. If you are not playing in tournaments, the above memberships are not needed. If you already have an indoor USAV membership, you will not need to purchase one for outdoor.  More info will be released on memberships and how to purchase if needed.