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Covid 19 Information

Updated as of May 20th


Above is the release of the Knox county phased reopening plan. Club Unite is meeting to assess the remaining season based off the above Knox County plan.


Our max capacity is 50 at this time. 


Club Team Practice

Team Practices are suspended until further notice. 

Spring League In-House

Posted on Facebook. Refunds are being issued. 

Private Lessons

 Club Unite is not conducting private lessons until further notice.

Which Travel Tournaments Have Been Cancelled?


June 15-18 15s-18s / June 19-22 10's-14's-AAU National Championships: Pending Please Contact Melanie if interested. 

June 12-14 JVA World Challenge: Cancelled                                                   

June 6-7 Coastal Classic:  CU teams removed due to a decrease in attendance numbers


May 30-Jun1 - MEQ: Cancelled                                                                                                                                    

May 30-31 SRVA Regionals (GaWorldCongress Ctr): Cancelled                                                                                                                                                      

May 30-31 Southern Exposure: Cancelled                                                                           

May 30-31 Rally Rumble: Cancelled                                                                            

May 9-10 AAU Mid-South Challenge: Cancelled    


April 25-26 Showdown in the Smokies - Cancelled                                          

April 11-12 Myrtle Madness: Cancelled                                                                      

April 4-5 Jr Hi Neighbor: Cancelled

April 4-5 Smoky Mountain Blast: Cancelled                                                             

April 3-5 JVA World Challenge: Postponed to June 12


March 27-28 Rock the Mountain Classic:  Cancelled                                                                      

March 21-22  Vette City Challenge: Cancelled                                                        

March 20-22 MEQ: Postponed to May30  then cancelled           

Will I receive a refund?

Club Unite directors are monitoring updates and receiving information daily on tournament cancellations, potential reschedules, and the possibility of entry fee refunds. We want to ensure the best for our Club Members and are taking every stand possible to take care of financial details.  Club Unite has on-going financial needs that exist despite the nations standstill and the Club Unite directors are working daily to balance the immediate needs vs. items that can remain on hold.  We can't provide effective answers until we are informed on how everything will play out.  Per our initial notice, we will refund tournament entry fees to our members once we receive a refund if, in fact, the tournament cancels vs reschedules. 

At this time it is our hope much like the TSSAA, that we will be given the opportunity to compete in future tournaments and get back to normal club functions soon. Obviously this may or may not happen but instead of closing for good,  we along with the national volleyball associations are insistent that the show will go on even if it goes deeper into the summer. 

All clubs across the country are only up and running because of player dues. We feel certain that Club Unite does not price gauge its customers charging well above and beyond the needs. Whether another tournament is played this year or not, clubs such as ours must pay rent to keep its doors open, and in order for any club to be operational in the present and in the future, it's important as a club that we get through this together. As we have stated before, in previous emails, every 2020 Club Unite senior has signed a scholarship to play collegiately at the next level and perhaps without the availability to play club ball, that opportunity wouldn't have presented itself.  Let's hope and pray that our country can heal soon and things get back to our new normal. 

Club Dues

We are asking members to assure their club dues are up to date. Your assistance helps us pay for already purchased items. We are blessed to have diligent members who care deeply about the Club Unite programs continuation. 

At this time Club Unite will not be sending out our late March invoice. Our Directors will be meeting to discuss a plan for forward movement.