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Click Here to Sign Up for Summer Training Sessions

Please use the Athlete's Name when signing up. We are required to have the athletes name on file.

COVID Policy

Please take time to read our COVID policy. We are limited in class sizes thus it is important that you sign up and equally important that you attend the session you sign up for. In the event, you can not attend an event we ask you delete your name from the class. You may do this on your own in your booking account you created. We must have a record of the athlete's name please do not put a parent name in. 

Advanced Group Training

Designed for top-skilled players in their age group. Advanced Training will be broken into Advanced Middle School and Advanced High School (based on the grade the athlete is rising into.)

Athletes will receive detailed skill training in each area of the game. All aspects of the game will be trained during these fast-paced sessions. Players are expected to have had IQ and prior club instruction to enter. Players must request acceptance for skill level approval prior to entering. If a player requesting acceptance has not been evaluated by a Club Director, we may ask for an evaluation prior to entry.

Advanced Positional Training

Designed for players who have designated a position they desire to pursue. All Ages may attend dependent upon the athlete already understands the fundamentals of the skill. Fundamentals will not be taught but rather a deeper conversation about the aspects of taking the position to the next level. Players will be provided many repetitions in the skill with feedback and technique breakdown. Players will be filmed at times to be provided video feedback on form.

Advanced Private One-on-One or Group Instruction

Advanced Private one-on-one instruction is geared toward athletes who are skilled for their age group and who are desiring an hour of private instruction. Players will make requests based on what they want to train in during their one-on-one. Private instructors will provide direct feedback to the athlete in all areas. Often a breakdown of a particular skill will take place to give the athlete knowledge of how to surpass where she currently is. Players should be able to maintain an hour of training physically. while being put through drills to enhance their game. Athletes can use this time to discuss any aspect of the game while training. Privates can consist of 1 player on 1 or 2-4 players on 1

Developmental Group Training

Ages: Top Flight is open to all ages.


Designed for new players or players who have just begun training and want to feel more comfortable in a group setting. Strict fundamental skills will be taught in each session. Players will not be placed in a playing situation but rather the session will focus on individual skills. Players will be taught each skill: Serving, Passing, Hitting, Passing as it is broken down with repetitions. This is a continuation of our top-flight training that began just before the shutdown.  Although all ages are accepted, the group may be split (using different courts) into age or skill levels for appropriate training. 

Developmental Positional Training

All ages are welcome dependent upon the players' skill level being newer to the game. This is a great opportunity for players who are newer to the game but have a desire to play a certain position for their school or club team. Players may be brand new to the game or may have played only a couple of years and want to broaden their knowledge of a skill. Players who have only played league, middle school or high school JV will enjoy training in the developmental positional training sessions.

Developmental Private One-On-One or Group Instruction

Developmental Privates are geared toward athletes who want to get better but need more fundamental training. Fundamentals will be broken down for the athlete who wants to gain a deeper understanding of the skill. Players may take longer to execute the skill but they can absorb what it is they are being taught. Repetitions during the developmental private give the player confidence to perform. Developmental Privates can be provided for any age. The player may verbally provide specifically what they want to get better in. Private instructors will put the players through repetitious drills which will give the player confidence. Players can train 1 on 1 or a small group of 2-4 players. 

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