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2017 Summer League

Monday Evenings

June 12 Fundamental Training
June 19 Team Training
June 26 Fundamental Training
July 10 Team Training
July 17 Fundamental Training


Thursday Evenings

June 15 Team Training
June 22 Fundamental Training
June 29 Team Training
July 6 Fundamental Training
July 20 All Skills Clinic


Game Days

Saturday June 10 Placement
Saturday June 17 Game Day
Saturday June 24 Game Day
Saturday July 8 Game Day
Thursday July 13 Game Day All Divisions
Saturday July 22 Championships

Note you will either play July 13th or July 14th.  We have decided on the 13th


Register for Summer League

Click the Register Link. All players MUST register on-line. 



Sibling Discount -$50 for additional children in the same family

1 child = $250

If you wish to pay online sibling discounts may be refunded at registration if the system doesn't give you that option. 

Summer Staff

All inquiries regarding Summer League will go through Shannon Mincey, Erin Biddle, and/or Brandon Row. Each team will have an appointed head coach who will lead the players through pre-planned drills and skills. 


Starting June 19th our Monday and Thursday training times will shift to 5:45-7:45. Some of our players can't quite make it right at 5:30 due to work traffic and we don't want anyone to miss out especially with us only training 2 hours. Thank you for your understanding. 

Game days will be planned so that the athletes play 2 - 3 matches but arent there all day. A window will be provided per team. Parents will be asked to step in and flip score this year at the scores table. (just keeps the games flowing quicker).  Off teams will linejudge. 

Sword Fish Division

Our Sword Fish are player who will be attending an Elementary School in the Fall of 2017. Players who are Rising 5th but have exceptional volleyball skills or playing experience may choose to play in our Barracuda Division. Parents should express their interest to Shannon Mincey who will best advise. 

Barracuda Division

Our Barracuda Division is for players who will be attending a Middle School for the Fall of 2017.  Rising 8th graders who have played travel volleyball for several years may choose to tryout in our Shark Division. Shannon Mincey can assess the player during evaluations and make the best decision not only for the child but for the league. 

Shark Division

Our biggest fish in the sea...the Shark Division is for players who will be attending a High School in the Fall of 2017. A rising 9th grader who is newer to the sport or just beginning may choose to stay in our Barracuda Division for better growth and confidence building. Please talk to Shannon Mincey at evaluations.