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Positional Training

Positional Training

Tuesday Night 6pm-8pm

Positional Work

Who is Positional Training for? Positional Training for players who have experience playing volleyball and are ready to take their game to the next level by learning intricate details of a particular position. Players who still need "fundamental training" should attend our 5-6pm Cadet Training. Positional Training takes groups of players in the same position and uses a "classroom" hands on style training on the court to teach players a deeper understanding of the game pertaining to the position they chose. A lead (paid) positional coach will be in close relationship with the players as will additional paid assistant positional coaches. All training will be streamlined so players are all hearing the same instruction rather than being confused by "this coach said this and this coach said that".  Positional coaches instruct the same to a 12 year old that they instruct to an 18 year old therefore players need to sign up with an understanding that this is for the athlete who is committed to detail in her/his position. 

Players may choose which position they train in for the hour. Positional Training is offered for two hours with players being instructed in two positions of their choice or they may stay with the same position for both sessions. 

Cost $20.00 per Night 

Payment Methods:  We do not prefer players pay $20.00 each time the come in as that will be hard to keep up with. We prefer players pay in advance for X amount of sessions which we will make note of. For each attendance we will deduct that amount from the players positional credit. 

Our coaches will be setting up a monthly progressive theme thus players are encouraged to commit to that month rather than drop in/out. 

Players will sign in at the top of each hour to their position. A 10 minute stretching session will conclude Positional Training. Parents may pick up at promptly 8:10pm 

Lead Coach - Variety of Club Unite Coaches

Skill Level- Average to Advanced

Time-6pm-7pm Position 1 

Time-7pm-8pm Position 2 

Time-Stretch Session 8pm-8:10pm

Positional Training  being offered are as follows:


Players are encouraged to attend monthly for positional training due to the progressive instruction provided in each position.  If you are interested please fill out our online form (Coming Soon)



Every Tuesday starting January 9th and running through April 24th *NOTE WE WILL NOT CONDUCT POSITIONAL TRAINING in MAY due to so many high school and middle schools hosting their tryouts during May. We will conclude positional training the last Tuesday in April. We will be hosting a Pre Tryout Prep Clinic May 1,2,3 for players needing additional a cram course for tryouts. 

Dates Club Unite WILL NOT host positional Training: 

March 13th Knox County Spring Break

May 1st Club Unite hosted Pre-Tryout Clinic Week